The Prospector Staff

Kainoa Lowman is the Prospector’s editor in chief. He loves a great many things, namely basketball, Spanish language music, public parks, and food heavy in saturated fat.

Jesus Lopez is a senior at CKM and the Online and Social Media Editor. He is super excited to be a part of Journalism this year and hopes that everyone checks out the website that Michelle and him have been working on. Go Lions!!

Michelle Brandabur is a Senior at CKM and the Arts and Culture, Online and Social Media Editor. She is motivated to bring the true story and maintain journalism in the online age.

Alyssa Perez is a Senior. Her goal is to add a new perspective to the paper and attract more readers. Aside from writing she takes interest in being environmentally friendly and contributing to Sacramento through community service. She appreciates her schools versatility and the opportunities it provides.

Grace Wiley is a Senior in her second year of journalism. She plays soccer, loves to travel, and is super excited to be your Features Editor this year!

Allison Seifert is a Senior at McClatchy high school. She is excited to be waking up at 6:00 am to be the sports editor in journalism this year!

Adam Pacheco is a Senior here at CKM and the News and Social Media Editor. He enjoys baking, working out, and hanging with friends. He is excited to bring you the hottest stories and keep everyone updated on current events on our campus and in our nation.

Maggie Tully is a Senior at C.K. McClatchy High School, and this is her second year in Journalism. She likes to write almost as much as she likes mac n’ cheese, and is looking forward to serving as your Copy Editor this year.

Victoria Cano is 16 years old, and is currently a senior at McClatchy HS. She is captain of the CKM varsity women’s golf team (yay). She enjoys dancing and playing video games as well as playing golf.

Emily Esquivel is 17 and a Senior at CKM. It’s her first time taking a journalism class. She is very excited for what her senior this year will hold.

Riley Burke is a junior at CKM. She is a staff writer with the Prospector, and this is her first year in journalism.

Josie Powell is a junior at McClatchy and this is her first year as a staff writer with the Prospector.

Catherine Gonzalez is a junior at McClatchy doing her first year of journalism. She likes to read, write, and take pictures.

Emma Kuske likes music and soccer. This is her first year in journalism.

Theresa Ngo is a junior. This is her first year in journalism.

Celeste Diepenbrock is part of the VAPA class of 2020 and this is her first year as a writer for the prospector.

Ben Schwartz is a Senior at CKM. He’s can’t wait to share the truth with the McClatchy population.




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