CKM Volleyball, at its Peak!

This year, the CKM volleyball team has been doing amazing–the best they have ever done! They have been on a winning streak and are 10-3, but their only losses have been in preseason. After speaking with two of the captains, Madisen Pearce and Kate Widman, The Prospector was able to get the inside scoop on the team.
Pearce and Widman explained the differences between this year and last year, “It is so much better than last year, no drama. The players are better and more committed. We all work really hard and have a qualified coach.” With all of these really great qualities, they have the recipe for winning.
The key to success is great team chemistry. They can trust each other, leading them to many wins. The team believes they can go really far in the season. Not only this season, but also next season. Because Pearce and Widman are Seniors, they won’t be able to play for CKM next year, but they have very high hopes. They believe the team will continue to do really well next year. “The future team has a lot of potential” they remarked. Overall the CKM volleyball season is going very well. And no matter what happens, not only will the Captains still love their team, but CKM will too. Madisen Pearce repeats a High School Musical quote to her team before each game, “Lions, get your head in the game!”

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