Freshman Year, Hit or Miss?

Many new faces here at McClatchy don’t really know what to expect. From new class to clubs and sports, many don’t even know where to start. But a lot of Freshman have adjusted well, feeling welcomed and loved within such a large, and sometimes confusing, campus. Some freshman, like Jacob Morales, so far love McClatchy, saying it is “fun and exciting!” However, coming from a small middle school, many are intimidated by McClatchy’s large size. But, many freshmen have become used to it, as once you have been here for a couple weeks, you already feel like you are apart of the school.
To get more involved, some students have joined sports teams or have gotten involved in other school activities. Others, like Max Jernigan, have participated in McClatchy’s events, as he “liked the dance!” Max, like many other freshman has loved the opportunity to start making new friends. Many of the Freshman have a lot of upsides and very few dislikes. Their dislikes include “having no service on the campus” and “how the days are 7 hours instead of 6, like in middle school.” Even though it has only been 3 weeks, most freshmen can already see themselves having a great 4 years at McClatchy!

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