Goodbye, Mr. Dobrescu

Gino Dobrescu, McClatchy’s beloved Vice Principal, recently left to become Principal of Pony Express Elementary. Dobrescu’s career in education has seen him as a math teacher at Sutter before taking up an administrative position here at McClatchy. As Vice Principal, Dobrescu had many jobs around the McClatchy campus, including helping students to sign up for AP tests, and being part of the morning announcements, as well as giving the weekly robocalls and emails to inform parents about McClatchy events. And those are just the things McClatchy students saw him doing. As Vice Principal, Dobrescu had many other administrative duties as well, like scheduling repairs and filing paperwork.
C.K. McClatchy’s students have been saddened by the loss of Mr. Dobrescu. Emilio Prince, a junior, says, “I’ll miss his positive attitude.” Most students have seen Mr. Dobrescu running around school taking care of different tasks as a vice principal. He was always friendly towards students and staff when going around the school. Despite losing Mr. Dobrescu, the students are still happy for him.
Ariadne Casteneda, a junior, says, “I’m happy for him to have a better job position. However, I am sad he left. He was very important to our community and will be missed.”
Jake Dean, a sophomore, says “It’s a loss for the school, but I’m glad he’ll be able to help out another school.”
Mr. Dobrescu was always friendly and active at school. He could be seen at concerts that the music department put on, checking in on classrooms to see how they were doing, and would always participate in school events. When the Japanese room was changed back to its original room, Mr. Dobrescu would peek his head into the classroom and check how things were going until the broken air conditioner was fixed. Mr. Dobrescu did alot for the school and his presence will be missed by the students. Although we are sad to say goodbye to Mr. Dobrescu, the McClatchy family wishes him good luck in his new job as an Elementary school principal.

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