A Historic MLB Season

The MLB season has come to an end and the playoffs have already started up. All the spots are taken and the conference series have started.
The American League teams that made it in the wild card pick are the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins. Next in the second and third seed round are the Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros. Finally in the first seed round are the Cleveland Indians vs. the New York Yankees.
In the National League it is the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies in the wild card round, the Chicago Cubs and the Washington Nationals in the second and third seed round, and finally the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks in the first seed round.
This was the quickest year that the postseason bracket was filled out in MLB history. Besides this, history was made this season.
First, there’s the Dodgers. The Dodgers had an explosive season becoming the quickest team ever to reach 90 wins, and the team is still winning.
Next comes the Cleveland Indians. The Indians were already one of the superior teams this season, but there was one additional thing that made them stand out. The Indians broke the American League record for most wins in a row with 21 wins, breaking the previous record held by the 2001-2002 Oakland Athletics. Finally, they also broke the homerun record this season. The previous record was 4,602, and this season it was broken by one thousand homeruns. The total was 5,694 and counting. By the end of the regular season, there is no doubt that the record will at least reach 6,000 homeruns. As we can see, this season was one of the greatest.

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