CKM takes over Holy Bowl?

On September 9th, at Hughes stadium, a very important football game took place. They call it Holy Bowl, which is Jesuit High School vs Christian Brothers High School. Even though McClatchy wasn’t playing, a lot of them came to the game. Students at CKM wanted to show support for their friends that attend private schools.
There was a strong favor toward CB among McClatchy kids, as many kids interviewed were rooting for CB. Others just came for the football. These are some of the best football schools in Sac, and there is nothing like catching a football game on a Saturday night.
For many years now, Jesuit has taken the dub. This year was no different. McClatchy Sophomore George Wiley hung out with his friends and watched the football game, “The game was really bad, because Jesuit just crushed them, but hanging out with friends was fun.”
Some of the most fun parts of the game was not even football related.
“I wasn’t there but I heard Josh Peck was.” said Luke Mitchell, a student at CKM. This was true. Many kids from CKM, CB, and Jesuit where excited to see that celebrity Josh Peck was at Holy Bowl.
Another exciting part of the game was a streaker that ran out onto the field.He was eventually arrested but it made some people’s night. There are a lot of things at Holy Bowl that CKM kids have control over. Which side is louder, has more spirit and more support. Even if the McClatchy football team doesn’t play at Holy Bowl, McClatchy kids can still enjoy the game, and they may even have some impact on who wins.

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