The Pros of Homecoming

Dances are fun. It is a way to destress from all the schoolwork your teachers pile on you for no reason, and it is a way to hangout with friends, or meet new ones outside of school. It’s much better than sitting at home, bored, not being able to do anything or play video games with anyone, because most of your friends are out dancing at Homecoming. We need social interaction! Yes, dances have a lot of people and it can get pretty hot in there since everyone is sweating. However, that is why there are places around the edge of the room where the it isn’t too congested with people, making it the best place overall. There are tables with comfortable seats where there aren’t a lot of people. Plus the Homecoming venue has pretty good air conditioning. It’s much better than sitting home and learning how to weave baskets underwater while juggling. First off, that’s impossible, and second, when am I ever going to need to know how to do that?
Even if you aren’t the best dancer, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to dance, and you can always just sway to the music. Or you can sing along, nobody is going to care if you are a terrible singer, because nobody is paying attention. Just make sure not to get caught in the big scary mosh pit…who am I kidding? It’s pretty awesome in there: being with your friends, listening to music, and just hanging out. Just as long as you don’t stay in there for too long, especially if you are a small person like me. Every once in awhile you will see some nice dancing skills, aside from the constant twerking–you will also see the occasional break dancer with some pretty nice dancing skills.
Every High Schooler should go to Homecoming at least once in their high school life. Because there are only a few opportunities to go to danes, especially if you are a underclassmen. If you don’t want to dance, or if you’re just waiting for that one slow song so you can ask the person you’ve been wanting to ask to dance, you can just sit and talk to friends, as a lot of people do. You can just sit and talk for these four hours, without having to worry about any distractions. This is great because it’s hard to live without distractions nowadays. Finally, you can just chill and relax with some friends. Plus it’s fun to just sit and watch people dance, or create your own list of: Best and Worst Dressed of Homecoming 2017.
Homecoming is a fun way to hangout with your friends and dance the night away. Plus, it’s relatively cheap to get in, compared to Prom. As long as you don’t pay attention to the ridiculous prices of the food and drinks at the actual event, it’s fine. It’s basically an American tradition, at least in the movies. So go live like you’re in a teen high school drama, let loose, and have fun. That’s what high school is all about. Homecoming can be one of those things that you’ll end up remembering for the rest of your life. It might not be as bad as you think.

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