Clubs! Clubs! Clubs!

On September 12th and 13th, the Lunch Quad filled with students walking from table to table, searching for the right club for them to join. This year’s Club Rush included three additions to the list of clubs. These new clubs gained many student signups. The new clubs: Awareness League, Rogue Science Club, and Fashion Club are all run by juniors. Club officers were interviewed to see what they were looking forward to this year.
One new club, Awareness League, is tackling a new task of bringing awareness to our campus about current events. Co-Founder and Co-President Meredith Brown, a junior, said the purpose of Awareness League is to, “spread awareness of current events or teach people about current events to give them a platform for student activism or talking about current events and what could be changed in the world.” The other Co-President Connor Gusman, a junior, said, “There have been clubs that touch on this idea, but haven’t continued very well and they tapered off. Awareness League will be a more permanent platform that will continue to stay a club and safe haven for student’s voices to be heard.” The Awareness League wants to bring better awareness of current happenings in the world and for everyone to have a voice.
Bella Hopkins, a junior, is the Co-President of the Rogue Science Club. Through Rogue Science, she wants to help “spread the importance of science on our campus.” She was extremely happy when she almost 70 people had signed up to join the club on the first day of club rush. Ashley Matsumoto, a junior, and also Co-President of the club said, “there are lots of fun meetings, field trips, and experiments planned this year!” The Rogue Science club will be working towards the interests of all students.
The final club interviewed was Fashion Club. Kat Lu, a junior, and president of the Fashion Club is looking forward this year because so many people signed up to join her club. She is looking forward to doing a fashion show at the end of this year with her club. During the club, she will be teaching, “fashion and design construction, as well as fashion trends.”

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