Senior Project Takes on Creative Magazine

Every year seniors attempt to make the most of their senior project by doing something fun, interesting and/or impactful. This year senior Gabby Fredericks covers all criteria by starting C. K. McClatchy’s first ever creative writing magazine. The idea first started from Gabby’s activism in Creative Writing Club. She wanted to target the magazine to the entire school and draw in everyone who was interested in photography, poetry, or short stories. The magazine is a school anthology of art in general. Over all, the creative magazine is a well constructed success.
You can find the creative magazine on Amazon. She published using Amazon’s service, “CreateSpace,” which was fun and easy to use as a platform in the development of the zine. Gabby set the price at the lowest the program would let her ($6.75) to try and make the zine affordable to all students that were interested in purchasing it. The idea behind the cover came from finding out about Adobe Illustrator. “I spent maybe 6 hours trying to get the lines to curl just right,” Gabby Fredricks shares. She also said the name was also hard to come up, because she wanted something simple and relating to school. If anyone wants to publish anything it’s on Amazon’s “CreateSpace” program, very easy and super nice.
Check it out on Amazon if you are interested, it took a while and a lot of hard work to put the magazine together. Gabby suggests to check her out her favorite works which are “my own stuff of course and Cristina Zito’s photography is so gorgeous.”

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