2017 ASB Election Voter’s Guide

For years, McClatchy’s Associated Student Body elections have been naked popularity contests. There was no way for candidates to speak to students before ballots were passed out, so their qualifications and platforms were never communicated. With no information other than a name, it was hard vote responsibly.
In an effort to change all this, candidates for the ‘17-’18 ASB positions were required to give short speeches at Wednesday’s zero period meeting. Very few non-ASB students were in attendance, however. The Prospector offers this voter’s guide so that we may be better informed, and select the candidates we believe would do the best work for our school.

Secretary: Mark Lambert

The son of principal Peter Lambert, Mark’s cheery disposition and outstanding friendliness have made him very popular in McClatchy social circles. “I’m trustworthy, and a great team person, so I could work really well with other people,” he said during his speech.
Mark is an experienced ASB member, and has been in ROTC for three years. He is running unopposed.

Treasurer: Melanie Holst and Isabelle McGuire
Melanie, as sitting junior class treasurer and a student representative on SCUSD’s LCAP Board (responsible for distributing money to underrepresented student populations), has handled finances at both the school and district levels. She founded McClatchy’s Student Union as a forum for students to voice their concerns, secured a grant to start the lacrosse team, and helped organize ASB chocolate sales and junior prom. “I’m an advocate for taking part in your education,” she said. “I have the experience and passion to fill the role.”
Isabelle, a longtime restaurant cashier, has handled money in a professional environment. “I’m dealing with money constantly,” she said. “I understand how finances work in a company.”
Isabelle’s school-related financial experience includes budgeting for rallies and events at McClatchy. She also runs the fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which seeks cures and ensures access to treatment for blood cancer patients.

Vice President: Sam Lopez, Maryn Graskey, Matthew Tamanaha and Madisen Pearce.
Sam is a water polo player and swimmer at McClatchy. Fall was his first semester in ASB, but he assured voters that “what I lack in years of experience, I make up for with passion, confidence, and an open mind.” He’s maximized his time by serving on both rally committees this year. Sam is a strong public speaker, and promised that if elected VP, students can count on him to voice their concerns, questions, or announcements. “Through me,” he said, “rest assured, your voice will be heard.”
Maryn brings enthusiasm and experience to the table. She is Eco Club’s social media manager, Student Union secretary, and works on prom committee, but is equally proud of her role as cross-country spirit captain. “As vice president, I am confident in my ability to bring positivity and enthusiasm to your day every day,” she said. Maryn also served as both president and vice president during a three-year span in elementary school. She enjoys running, campus-cleanliness, being kind to bees, and Beyonce.
As an ASB member, Matthew has been a “Cubs to Lions” tour guide for incoming freshmen, and dedicated fundraiser participant. He also helped bring next week’s Sadie’s dance to McClatchy. If elected, he promises to “continue to make positive changes, not just for the junior class, but for the whole school.”
McClatchy’s current volleyball captain, Madisen has lots of experience with leadership. She also played key roles in the Harvest Festival and Winter Rally. Madisen said the often-overlooked job of vice president is ”very important, and should be left to no one but myself and Joe Biden.”

President: Lauren Silva, Sophia Deboer, Michael Ross, and Zach Neff.
“They asked if I wanted to go first, and I volunteered. What does that say about a leader?” That is how Lauren, the sitting junior class president, former Sutter Middle president, and two-year ASB member opened her address. She always shows up early to meetings, she said, adding that “I put others’ interests before my own … A vote for me is a vote for a better future.”
Sophia, McClatchy’s junior class secretary, cross-country captain, and UNICEF club president, made it clear she wants to make ASB a vehicle for change. “I will encourage every student to come to ASB meetings if they feel there’s something that needs to be addressed,” she said. She also promised more engagement with adult authorities on behalf of students. Sophia’s speech carried a strong anti-establishment message. “I am not running for president to be an administrator,” she said, indicating her eagerness to escape bureaucracy and take action.
Michael was the class of 2018’s president freshman year, and more recently played a major role in organizing McClatchy’s “most successful homecoming to date.” The dance grossed over $20,000. He also managed the “Cubs to Lions” incoming-freshmen tours, along with three other students, and plays varsity baseball. Michael promised to uphold McClatchy’s long tradition of excellence, and “make this school the best place it can be.”
Driven by “a passionate desire for justice and hype,” Zachary has made fairness and school spirit central to his campaign. On the first front, he fought for the junior class’ prom theme to be decided by vote, and has “a passion to have every individual voice at McClatchy” be heard. As for spirit, he MC’d our school’s last two rallies – first as a candy fairy, then as Santa Claus. The junior class’ current vice president, Zach asked for students’ votes “to make McClatchy a more fun and democratic place.”

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