Unity Week

The past week the school celebrated unity week. But from the yellow wristbands distributed at the beginning of each morning to the slogan “Love Lives Here,” what is unity week all about? I decided to find out exactly what this week was for and what ASB thought about it.

According to Derek Imai, a senior and ASB’s student body president, unity week is supposed to reflect the value of inclusiveness and support diversity across our community. “The recent election results prove that equality does not always win. In ASB we were trying to point out that no matter what is going on in the world, McClatchy students should feel included and safe in our school community. Just because our upcoming president does not support these ideals, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate our diversity,” Derek said. And while the unity week campaign tries to avoid a political outlook, promoting inclusiveness and community does not coincide with Trump’s political mantra. Although ASB encourages McClatchy students to keep an open mind about the president elect, it’s important to remember to celebrate diversity. The main point of unity week is to take action and speak out against discrimination and hate. “No matter who is spreading negative attitudes in society we must speak out with inclusivity. Hopefully in the long run Trump’s trend of hatred does not become a trend across America,” said Derek.

As America is a nation founded by immigrants, all from different backgrounds, I can definitely see why ASB felt unity week was an important reminder of being supportive and kind by testing everyone as equals. Only time will tell whether the president elect will continue his negative outlook on diversity and inclusivity, but as young students across America speak it, it is equally important McClatchy students do the same. CKM students can support the movement by wearing the “Love Lives Here” wristband and celebrating diversity in school and the community.

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