The Golden Ticket to the New Arena

This year, the new Golden 1 Center seems to be the buzz around Sacramento, but what is really going on? The arena was designed by AECOM, a company responsible for the London 2012 Olympic Park, Rio 2016 Olympic Park and the Aggies Stadium at UC Davis. According to the Golden 1 Center website, the state of the art facility is estimated to cost around $507 million dollars and will open in the beginning of October. The arena will have 17,500 seats and 34 suites.
The center itself is designed to incorporate the character of Sacramento including its agriculture and technology. It features a pattern of trees on the outside of the building to celebrate our nickname as “the City of Trees,” an outdoor amphitheater, and tomato plants growing in the plaza. The building itself is considered a “smart” facility, with interactive features including postgame information and upcoming events.
Another major Sacramento charm featured in the new arena is fresh food. Most of the venue’s concessions will be grown within a 150-mile radius and are being called “local eats.” From free range chicken to quinoa, the farm to fork movement has taken over the arena. Despite sourcing local ingredients and sustainable farms, the Sac Bee claims the food sold at the venue will still be fast food. But, it will be “fun fast food.” The menu features sausages from Low Brau, tacos from Centro and burgers from Café Bernardo. The venue will also feature local breweries including Knee Deep, Track Seven and Rubicon. Many have speculated that the rise in quality will also raise the prices of food. Although the prices have not been set yet, executive chef Michael Tuohy claims, “it is looking pretty comparable” to the pricing at the Sleep Train Arena.
As for the students here at McClatchy, a few shared their opinions about the opening of the Golden 1 Arena. JC Argüello, a junior, stated, “I’m excited for the opening because I can’t wait to walk to the games instead of drive. I live in midtown so it will be fun to be close by.” Another McClatchy student living nearby the stadium, Adam Pacheco, a junior, shared his thoughts. “I think the stadium will bring Sacramento together because it is in the heart of the city. I hope more artists start playing shows in Sacramento but I hope the stadium doesn’t bring in too much traffic.”
The opening of the arena will definitely be exciting. Kings fans and concert-goers alike are ready for a central stadium in Sacramento. Only time will tell whether the millions of dollars invested in the stadium will be worth it.

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