The Underrated Gems of Netflix

By Max Johnson, Staff Writer

Filth: Featuring a fantastic performance by James McAvoy in the lead role, Filth chronicles the exploits of Police Sergeant Bruce Robertson as he tries to receive a promotion by solving the murder of a young man in Edinburgh. No movie has ever had such a fitting title as Filth does, as this movie is filled to the brim with sex, drugs and good old-fashioned police brutality as we watch Bruce struggle with his own inner demons in this hilarious and gripping dark comedy.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father: Now I should say this upfront, do not watch this movie if you want to feel any sense of happiness for the next month. This homemade documentary dictates the life of Dr.Andrew Bagby, who in 2001 was murdered, and the early childhood of his son Zach. The less you know about this movie the better, as the homemade documentary style that the movie is presented in means that by the end of it it’s impossible not to be moved by it.

Oldboy (2003): A South Korean thriller, Oldboy is a weird movie. The initial premise of the movie is that a man, Oh Dae-su is, kidnapped and locked in a windowless room for 15 years. Not knowing why or who had imprisoned him, his resulting story is ultimately a violent and dark thriller that keeps you interested until the end. Don’t watch the 2013 version directed by Spike Lee, however, since that version is just awful.

Rubber: Directed by French DJ Quentin Dupieux, Rubber makes Oldboy look like Little House on the Prarie. Featuring a sentient tire with the ability to kill people, this is a movie that takes pride in it eccentricity and, from the very beginning, likes to share it with you. While it may not be the best movie ever- something that the movie wants you to know- it’s undeniable that Rubber is something that you will talk about after watching.

Funny Games (1997): From Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke, Funny Games has a horribly ironic name. The premise of the movie is simple, a family goes on vacation to their lake house where they meet a two young men, who, for the rest of the movie, proceed to torment them. The thing that makes this movie special is the unexpected way Haneke twists the viewers expectations to create a truly horrifying experience.

Super: Featuring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page, Super shows us what the world would be like if people actually became super heroes. And as the movie goes on to show, it would be an awful, depressing place. Both Wilson and Page give great performances and by the end you’ll care about what happens to the characters. Similarly to most of the other movies on the list, this movie will end up taking a dark turn so be aware of that before watching.

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