McClatchy Student’s Senior Project Combines Music with Mental Health Advocacy

Students who have attended local music events may be familiar with McClatchy senior Grace Clark. After coming in first at the Teens Create Dreams Talent Show this October and performing at McClatchy’s student showcase this December, Clark is now focusing her talents on her music-themed Continue Reading

SYFA Gets McClatchy Students Involved In Local Activism

  McClatchy students may have heard of the organization SYFA (Sacramento Young Feminists Alliance), a city-wide network of student activists that works to strengthen our community by bringing awareness to the causes of intersectional feminism at a local level.   SYFA was founded by Zelia Continue Reading

Malcolm Floyd: Family Man, Former NFL Player, Head CKM Football Coach

Screaming, shouting, clipboards smashing against white boards—the sounds of a typical high school football locker room. It’s no secret that football coaches are “passionate” about football. “Varsity Blues,” a classic American high school football movie, is a perfect demonstration of how disgruntled coaches can react Continue Reading